Model Towns Charitable Trust
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Safe and Affordable Homes


Support for Training and Education


Incomes to Advance the Poor


Our Mission

The Trust is committed to building engineered and serviced subdivisions and cyclone – safe houses and providing guidance and support for the advancement of poor families. The Model Towns prescription offers important solutions for managing rural/urban drift and for the resettlement of climate change and other refugees. Cost effective safe housing and family advancement in a clean and green environment.

Our story over 34 years. . .by 2019 

Total Homes built

People Housed

Kindergarten Graduates

Tonnes of Clothes & Books

Model Town philosophy
Every square metre
Of the land at Koroipita
Shall host a house, a tree or homes for honey bees
There’s room for moths, wasps and tiny beetles too
The soil is safe here
It feeds us and we feed it too

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Model Towns Charitable Trust
Suite 5, Reddy Dimond Building,
Marine Drive,
Fiji Islands.

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(+679) 6650042

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