Governance, Management, Town Supervision
The prescription for a stable peaceful and environmentally sound model town involves the following levels or governance and management;
Model Towns Organisational Structure
Board of Trustees / Management Team
The Trust is governed by a nine member Board of Trustees.

The Management team reports to the Board.

Every second meeting of the Board includes representatives, of the major donors, presently New Zealand Aid Programme, and the Fiji Ministry of Housing.

Block Leaders
The residents of each Block of 15 or so houses elects their Block Leader to represent them on the Town Council.  They do not manage the town as such but provide valuable on-site support for the Management Team, and Board.  They volunteer their input.
Town Council
The Council comprises the elected Block Leaders and a representative from the Education Committee, Youth Groups and other members appointed by the Management Team.

The Council meets at the Community Hall every two weeks or more often if there are events to plan or problems requiring attention.

Model Towns Prescription
Occupation License Agreement


Residents sign and enter this legal arrangement after attending an induction session before occupying a house.  The Agreement directly refers to a commitment required to observe the rules, as follows:
Rules of Occupation
This booklet issued to all families sets down the rules and conditions to ensure all residents are safe, the town is clean and green and all families are progressing.  To help them advance families must also have a copy of:
Family Advancement Plan
This plan provides very clear pathways to advance the whole family taking advantage of education, training, enterprise development and other programmes.
The Model Town is not a comfort zone or refuge – it is a place for safe and productive advancement by way of personal participation and effort.

The observation of rules and the advancement of families is enhanced by leaders elected from within the community. To guide these Block Leaders there is:

Block Leaders Guide
This guide provides the principles and policies that then translate into a practical field manual