Income Generating Projects
Income Generation
One of the many priority areas of development work in the community is income generation to help families supplement household income. In some cases these initiatives become the only source of income.

The project team helps groups, individuals and families to set up income generating projects based on their skills, talents and abilities.

The aid come in various forms such as:

  • providing basic equipment for start-up for example, upholstery machine, hair dressing kit, tattoo machine, tool kits for electronic repairs and so on
  • providing raw materials for example, ingredients for sweets and seeds for gardens;
  • providing tables and furniture needed to run their business;
  • upgrading houses or cookhouses;
  • writing support letters for business and hawker licenses;
  • marketing and branding;
  • repairs and maintenance work;
  • financial literacy and budget training.

The above support has enabled the residents to establish their businesses and operate in an encouraging environment so that based on our “Advancement Model” they are able to become financially independent and move onto home ownership outside Koroipita.
In 2016, we worked with families to develop their “Family Business Plan”, which means that they commit to undertake activities to increase this income and independence.

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Experimental Cottage industry
This facility provides a safe working environment for the more successful entrepreneurs to operate on a larger and profitable scale.

Businesses such as the Boutique factory, jam, pickles and honey group will set up their operation in the Experimental Cottage Industry Facility.