The volunteers have provided massive contributions since 2003. A total of 1898 volunteers in 211 teams have served two week terms at Koroipita.

There are also the skilled Site Support Volunteers (SSVs) who come for tours of 6 to 10 weeks and are effectively the site managers at those times.

The volunteers mostly come during the cooler months from May to November. Some have served every year for the last 12 years. It is important to check with the project team to determine if there is a need for volunteers at any time .

Future developments will be less reliant on volunteers but skilled people will be welcome at our call. 

We now have a pool of very skilled workers who are our own trained residents. They can build an entire town, from surveying to civil works, buildings and facilities . It is important to keep this team united and committed to building more model towns to help solve the national housing crisis .

MTCT policy requires volunteers to provide police clearance.