Why Model Towns
The Model Towns Prescription
The first model town has been built and the community development  programme helps provide pathways for families to integrate into formal sector jobs and housing.

The model towns prescription is now a very important solution for the accommodation and assimilation of families displaced by rural / urban drift , and  climate change impacts.

Greenfield Housing Subdivision
The term ‘greenfield’ is used to denote a new development on a separate land lease and to distinguish this from the model town at Koroipita.

This new and exciting housing subdivision will be developed to assist families living in the model town and squatters move onto their own home ownership.

This will involve fully engineered and serviced subdivision and various home options which will be for sale to selected families.

At present there are 1550 families (nearly 7000 people) applying for a home at Koroipita, and there are no vacant houses!  Our team is under huge pressure every day explaining to desperate families why we cannot immediately accommodate them.

We describe the problem of rural / urban drift, not as a drift, but as an avalanche!! There is already more than 100 people of Polynesian origin living at Koroipita.  Their assimilation has been a joy, a truly uplifting experience.  We have frequent family squabbles to deal with but we have never had an inter-racial incident involving friction between races.

Climate Change Refugees
In our view Fiji will have to accommodate about 20,000 climate change refuges sometime in the next 30 years.  That will require the building of around 4500 houses – unless the plan is to accommodate them in tent cities.  Fiji already has a low cost housing availability crisis and this new prospect is scary.
Team Capability
In a burst of production in 2014, when we were assisted by Habitat for Humanity and Rotary volunteers, we built 22 houses in 15 working days!!

That is the scale and pace needed to address current problems and future immigration – believe this!

Our prescription for the future settlement of immigrants is to mix them in the proportion   50/50% with local families, for rapid assimilation.    

” we built 22 houses in 15 working days!! “