About Us
Our Mission

The Trust is committed to building engineered and serviced subdivisions and cyclone–safe houses and providing guidance and support for the advancement of poor families. The Model Towns prescription offers important solutions for managing rural/urban drift and for the resettlement of climate change and other refugees. Cost effective safe housing and family advancement in a clean and green environment.

Our Objectives

To demonstrate how professionally engineered land subdivisions can be developed, quickly and at an affordable cost to settle needy families.

To provide long term legal security for the Trusts properties by securing leases as the basis for creating sustainable communities as a model for large scale settlement.

To build and maintain affordable, cyclone resistant homes and community facilities.

To test and apply effective, durable and affordable solutions for all their basic needs – such as water supply, sewerage treatment, waste management, energy and soil conservation measures.
To help families achieve self – sufficiency by support for education for adults and children and support for income generating projects and job search with the ultimate aim of helping families to progress to home ownership in mainstream communities.
Where It All Began

Thousands were left homeless after  cyclones in March 1985

The search began for families in need, covering an area of 4000 sq km

The project was founded by Peter Drysdale in 1985.  Prior to registration of the MTCT, the project had been operating as the Fiji Rotahomes Project under the Rotary Club of Lautoka.

In March 1985, cyclones battered the western parts of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu.  Thousands were left homeless in the Lautoka and Ba areas.

Peter had just joined the Rotary Club of Lautoka and he formed the Fiji Rotahomes Project with the objective “to eliminate sub-human living conditions in west Viti Levu by providing basic cyclone-safe homes, clean water and living essentials”.

The search began for families in need, covering an area of 4000 sq km.  Over the past 33 years 738 homes have been built in the country areas.  For the past 18 years and in parallel the Trust has been building and perfecting the first serviced model town which now has 241 homes and this will soon increase to 266 homes.

Plans have been drawn up for a second model town of another 120 homes in the same area.  The population would then increase to 1740 people in 386 homes.

Koroipita, means “Peter’s Village”.  Land was provided on a 99 year lease term by the landowners of Vitogo Village.

The total number of people housed in country areas and at the model town, is now 4330.

In 2016 all homes were tested by Hurricane Winston the strongest hurricane recorded in the southern hemisphere.  There was zero damage to project homes.

Meet the Team

Peter Drysdale

Project Founder &
Technical Advisor

Ranjini Pratap

General Manager

Susan Naidu

Asst. General Manager
Strategic Planning  & Community

Phyllis Danford

Community Development

Nileshmi Nair


Achal Kumar

Assistant Accountant
& Procurements

Ashni Singh

Asst. Accountant


Sonali Naicker


Adi Litia Rareba

Education &
Training Officer

Tema Sau

Town Clerk

Janet Fong

Events and Enterprise Development