Community Development Programme
Community Development
Building homes is only the first stage- the comprehensive Community Development Programme enables Koroipita residents to improve their lives, and in some cases move on to jobs and homes in the area.

The Programme aims to create a progressive and independent community. Resources from various NGOs and service based organisations are sought to provide educational opportunities for the residents.

Koroipita has a registered Kindergarten – with two centres and 58 children currently enrolled. The children are often capable of reading and writing English when they graduate from our kindergartens. A total of 336 children have graduated kindy by 2018.

This year a total of 17 students were enrolled for tertiary studies.

This is an outstanding result for this demographic. In a parallel programme Rotarians from Tasmania have upgraded the local primary schools, libraries and provided computers and desks and other items for these schools. This is to help them deliver quality education for our children.

We monitor school attendance and regard poor attendance as a form of child abuse which is not tolerated. This is a key element of the Family Advancement Plan.

Family Advancement Plan
The MTCT Family Advancement Plan (FAP) provides detailed guidance and support to ensure compliance with the community rules and to help the families achieve civic skills and financial independence. The ultimate goal of the plan is to progress each family to home ownership in mainstream communities – that is to move outwards, but upwards as their property gains value.
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Koroipita Community Council

The Community Development Programme also helps strengthen the self-governance structure through the Koroipita Community Council which comprises 18 elected Block Leaders and others such as youth representatives appointed by the Trustees.

The residents sign an Occupation License which obliges them to abide by the rules.

The Block Leaders and Community Clerk provide induction, training and encouragement for compliance.

The main rule is the obligation to demonstrate measurable progress on all aspects of the Family Advancement Plan.

The Block Leaders Manual provides guidance for the Block Leaders on their role in providing support for the management team and communicating messages to the residents.

Education Support Programme
The Education Support Programme aims to help families and children struggling to meeting educational needs. There is an Education Action Committee consisitng of Koroipita residents. This was formed in 2006.

The students receive support in the form of exercise books, bags, uniforms, shoes and other supplies needed for them to attend school.

We recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Foundation for Education for Needy Children where they agreed to supply uniforms, bags, books and stationery.As a result of this we are now able to extend our support to tertiary school students.

Donations in the form of cash or in kind from various local and overseas based individuals and organisations have ensured the continuity of this programme.

At the end of the financial year, the project submits a comprehensive report to the donors highlighting expenses with receipt numbers, education programmes and academic achievements.

Health Clinic
In 2005, we recognized the need for a Health Worker to provide basic health care.

A Koroipita resident Litia was appointed to attend a village health work course with the Ministry of Health. She acquired her certification and was immediately appointed as the village nurse. She works part-time to assist with medical cases.

We have been able to raise funds to help provide an allowance for Litia’s work and to provide medications and supplies to residents in dire need. Litia is equipped with basic first aid supplies and equipment such as glaucometer, blood pressure monitor, thermometer and nebulizer.

Litia maintains a daily log of her activities and submits this as a weekly report to the project team. She helps monitor blood sugar, blood pressure levels of diabetic and hypertensive residents and monitors children’s immunization.

She assists residents attend clinic especially for mental health and carries out other basic treatment. Litia routinely visits the Koroipita kindy to monitor hygiene, nits, head lice, scabies and other skin diseases and renders appropriate treatment.

A health clinic sponsored by Rotary Club of Gloucester has boosted the health programme. The Ministry of Health has assign a nurse and a medical officer to visit Koroipita on a regular basis.

The clinic provides easy access to residents who are unable to access health services due to physical and mental disability or due to other commitments are unable to go for regular checkups. The mothers and babies benefit greatly from this project and this ensures that we have a 100% immunisation rate in the community.

Civic Life Support and Life Skills Training
The initial induction sessions are followed by a series of training modules on healthy living, income generation opportunities, food production, life skills, electricity and water savings, fire protection, non-violence and so on.

Residents are helped to assemble personal documentation such as (missing) birth certificates, TIN identification letters etc .

A photographer provides passport sized photos for long lines of residents who would otherwise struggle to obtain these.

We also provide opportunities for counselling and mental health support to residents in need.

Youth Development
Our Youth Development Programme helps build life skills and provides support and care for the young people through training, counselling, meetings and support groups.

The Youths participate in various volunteer activities around the community including helping build houses. Careers support helps them get placements in tertiary schools and we also provide opportunities for attachment with the project.

The Reality Girls group was established to help educate teenage girls about reproductive health and also build their self esteem and confidence. There are more than 40 girls in the groups.

The Green Scouts are a group of young boys responsible for looking after the environment in the community. The Scouts also go through a similar training programme as the Reality Girls to help build better understanding and reduce bullying. The Scouts help collect recyclables in the community and also provide a litter patrol.


Koroipita is the first rural community to have an international standard state-of-the art sporting facility

Our first class Multi Purpose Sports Court and football field encourages the residents to participate in recreational activities and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

This is a valuable asset to the community.