Under the Model Towns prescription each family is expected to adopt the family Advancement Plan. This offers pathways to move outward and upward in mainstream society. The children move on to tertiary education, good jobs, good marriages.

The results have been dramatic. A total of 386 children have graduated from the kindergarten with basic reading and writing skills.The school retention rate is 99.5%, much higher than the national average.

A total of 650 students have graduated from high school. The entire second generation of people have moved outward and upward.

A total of 70 students were in the top three rankings in their class and there has been 5 national subject toppers.

A total of 90 students have moved on to tertiary education, at universities or in vocational training and 40 students have graduated from the Computer School with EXCEL computer skills.The Education Action Committee helps the Community Development team by monitoring results and guiding parents.

The income generation projects have lifted average household incomes from $200 per month in 2016, to $533 per month in 2018.The model town has become a university of life.

The Trust has exciting expansion plans working with the Ministry of Housing and Community Development and with the New Zealand Aid program.